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Tinnitus Treatment Symptoms And Causes And Cures – Tinnitustreatmentsecrets Tinnitus Treatment Symptoms And Causes And Cures – Tinnitustreatmentsecrets tinnitus treatment symptoms and causes and cures – tinnitustreatmentsecretsimport url( tinnitustreatmentsecrets/wp-content/themes/NicheProfitPressV2/style.css ); import url( tinnitustreatmentsecrets/wp-content/themes/NicheProfitPressV2/style_optin.css ); FREE Expert Advice On How To Treat Tinnitus NaturallybIf You Or A Loved One Suffers From Ringing In Your EarsThis Will Be The Most Important Information You Will Ever ReadGuaranteed! Dear Friend, Welcome To Tinnitus Treatment Secrets: My name is Kevin Cordahl and I have been a tinnitus sufferer for many years. I’ve spent countless hours reading and studying everything published by top experts in the field of tinnitus. I started tinnitustreatmentsecretsas a free resource for other tinnitus sufferers who wish to gain an understanding of the symptoms, causes and treatments for tinnitus. Here on my website, you’ll find information on tinnitus that range from the conventional medical viewpoint to various alternative and complementary therapies I have put together a free step-by-step mini course that will provide you with up-to-date information on tinnitus, exactly what it is, the causes, and how it is detected. I have included such diverse treatments as herbal, homeopathic as well as therapies culled from the annals of traditional Chinese medicine. Come join me and learn not more about tinnitus, but how to treat your tinnitus so you’re never
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Been experiencing severe ringing in ears for past 13 months along with headaches, brain fog and many other head related issues. Using an AM radio to detect the EMF noise coming of just 2 of the displays in my home. WOW

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  1. MrGimpyLoser says:

    Flat Screens are bad…..I have a CRT and it’s still great also have a backup if it goes.
    use flat screen for gaming.

  2. godsfool713 says:


  3. Polybun says:

    those radio waves have NO affect on you as a person, NONE. any am broadcast station or ham radio operator is hitting you with FAR more energy.

  4. piper4seeformerly says:

    I can’t remember what video I saw but it convinced me to get rid of my old CRT monitor and get an LCD for my computer because apparently it puts out much less radiation. ( i can definitely feel the difference too after sitting in front of it for awhile i’m much less wiped out feeling). In the video I believe the man said that no more than 1 Milli-gauss of radiation is safe and LCDs ( depending on the size I suppose) have far less than CRT.

  5. ioiom63 says:

    How far do you have to be from the plasma for the sound from the AM Radio to return to normal? I’ve heard that LCD displays are better (in terms of EMF) than plasma, but don’t have a plasma to test with to see if this is true. Thanks!


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