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tinnitus symptoms

tinnitus symptoms

tinnitus symptoms are important to detect early in order to prevent severe tinnitus causes and side effects.

THIS IS DEFINITELY WORTH THE TIME IT TAKES TO READ & TO RESEARCH. Credit due “The New York Times” archives & You Tube User “Frequency Fence”. Posted 10 months ago here: He/ she is the Original poster however I have added my own text in this description box as the result of my own findings & experiences and have hopefully added appropriate Music to break the Silence although it is in Silence (true silence) that you are most apt to detect these suptle yet potentially very dangerous extreme low frequency waves. There are several GWEN Towers relatively close to me, in my Hometown and sure enough once you start paying attention you’ll notice they are EVERYWHERE! Look at one of the preceding vids to make mental note of what they actually look like then go out & you will be amazed by what you find. SUCH THINGS are easily verified online @ multiple sites. We cannot count on the MSM or Govt to tell us. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, OPEN YOUR EYES & MINDS & YOU WILL BE AMAZED BY WHAT YOU UNCOVER HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT! You will need to pause this every few second to read this man testimony and personal research on himself. I too have noticed the very same symptoms along with well documented “sleep disorders”. FOLKS, THIS IS ALL TOO REAL AND NOT AT ALL AMUSING! LIKE YOU IA HUMAN BEING ….NOT SOMEONE’S LAB RAT OR GUINEA PIG. We need deman this come to a halt IMMEDIATELY! Posted in Good Faith solely for Educative Purposes under THE FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain
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  1. stevi6 says:

    your link does not work correctly, there is no access to free information !!!

  2. biglordmotherfucker says:

    thx verry helpfull ^^

  3. AnonH5N1 says:

    This is part of why I love my job so much..
    For 3 – 4 months of the year, I’m out in the forest planting trees. Last year for about 6 weeks, the closest cell phone tower to me was 140 km when at work, and 80 km when at the camp. I feel so much better overall when I’m out there.

  4. ProjectHarmonia says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, my online search to get my own answers have bought me here and reading your words has been like finding an oasis in the desert, mention this sort of thing to most people and they think you are crazy….It’s nice to know I’m not the only ‘crazy’. Thanks again and all the best for the future.

  5. MRZHUGHES86 says:

    have not heard anything about that if you can send me some info but yeah we have been staying here for like 2 years now and really dont know how much we have been exposed to but yeah plz let me know also those mystery booms we heard it here right in the same spot it lightens real bad at but yeah cant wait to move im counting away its like my whole brain hurts sometimes and still hearing bells and sometimes i hear a sharp ring in my left ear but itll go away as quick as it came

  6. MrDiscovery24 says:

    have you thought about making or buying orgonite? I know there are plenty of people that don’t believe in it or know about it, but it has helped me in healing and protection. I have read of other ways for treatment and prevention, but orgonite has been my rewarding choice. I don’t want you to suffer what I have suffered from prolonged exposure to this. I once lived in an apartment complex such as yourself next to one of these towers and it made me very ill.

  7. SuperDeltaBravo1 says:

    - Have you gone to your doctor? Take care of that infection. WE NEED YOU! Contact cajunmiracle, OK! Stay in touch.

  8. LadyEndGame says:

    Over the past month my right ear has under gone a series of very serious and painful attacks and now, now it is infected and I can barely hear out of it.

  9. SuperDeltaBravo1 says:

    - Thanx for sharing your experiences.

  10. MRZHUGHES86 says:

    I stay by one in my apartment complex if there is workers working on them their in unmarked cars and clothes also u cant film them their under federal control i to have heard bells and when it storms its very harsh lightening through here and in a certain spot trust me i to have the headaches, fatigue and all u said trust me our least is up in june cant wait outta here very strange things let me tell u very strange

  11. MrDiscovery24 says:

    It’s not the government as a whole. Trust me on that one. There are good government officials. And I have no doubt there are some who are beyond what the average citizen can imagine in terms of evil. These towers have caused me illness more than once….I’m trying to recover once again. I’m of the type who trust in pseudoscientific means to help protect and heal myself, but some psychological damage can never be healed. I hope you can find peace. :)

  12. SuperDeltaBravo1 says:

    - You are correct on all points including the AMA.

  13. swi616 says:

    when i found out about what our gov. is doing i got as mad as i have ever been. I have been suffering from tinnitus,dizziness,insomnia, chills, rashes burning skin on my neck, since 2006. I have been to many docters and specialists, and they dont have an answer for me. I have come to the conclusion that the A.M.A is in business with the military and that the have been instructed to play stupid, I would bet that there are many victims of ELF, GWEN towers coming in to see docters about symtoms

  14. SuperDeltaBravo1 says:

    - You’re correct. Look right below the vid & you’ll see it clearly mentioned.

  15. iWillWakeYouUp says:

    Sorry if I’m writing bullsh*t, but isn’t this video from FrequencyFence? I am 99% sure that it’s his video. Or did I miss something? Is SuperDeltaBravo1 = FrequencyFence, or what? If someone could explain this to me I would be thankful. :)

  16. davewoodring says:

    you have do a lot of therapy with all there bs they are doing to everyone anymore. mY brother goes to slimgenics to lose weight, second time for him first time didn’t work, because he stays up late and eats. II questioned the people at slimgenics and didn’t get answers from them, cause they are robots working there.

  17. davewoodring says:

    yeap people are acting crazy anymore around christmas. I stay out of the dramas going on. Problem is my drama queen sister and her family i have to see on christmas. So pretty much go yes yes yes yes.

  18. SuperDeltaBravo1 says:

    - Thank you my friend! DO stay in touch. Have a safe & happy holiday season. Merry Christmas.

  19. davewoodring says:

    nick is 3rd string at fox i think. dave frazier is number one weather man there, nick fills in on weekends and holidays, he is from chicago and his family still lives in chicago,

  20. SuperDeltaBravo1 says:

    - Thank you Dave!

  21. davewoodring says:

    well he wrote to me about going to doctor for alztheimers. He also wrote to me about the movie zeitgeist also.

  22. SuperDeltaBravo1 says:

    - Left ear is a SURE sign of ELF wave/ HAARP activity.

  23. SuperDeltaBravo1 says:

    Is that still a good email address on him? Thanks.

  24. davewoodring says:

    they were doing there haarp chemtrails big time this morning in front range colorado. knows about a lot of this info also, he wanted to do story on it when he worked channel 9 news out of denver and the government shut down his story.

  25. SuperDeltaBravo1 says:

    - Thanks

  26. davewoodring says:

    read the book “universal seduction” piercing the veils of deception volume 1

  27. lissakr11 says:

    Sometimes one can hear certain frequencies while in the tub; submerge your head under water, even with fingers in ears. Its telling.


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