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IT CAME FROM THE SKY – AEROSOL ASSAULT (is there a relation 2 the Children getting sick)

Please excuse the quality of this video.B patient & follow along 2 understand. The links to the original videos in this film are down below. Please read the captions on the Nuns videos to know really whats going on. I wont write a mess of nonsense here the original news cast & stories speak for themselves. Im just lumping them into Benedictine Nun @ Sant Benet Monastery – Montserrat , Barcelona explains the swine Flu Vaccine Joseph Moshe (MOSSAD Microbiologist) Swine flu vaccine 1 12 Girls With ‘Tourettes-like’ Illness Diagnosis: Mass Hysteria… ?! Mysterious Goo Found on Cars, Driveways in Michigan – January 6, 2012 What is the green ooze coating homes? (Uploaded by WIVBTV on Jan 18, 2011) MYSTERY GREEN GOO FALLS FROM THE SKY IN SNYDER, NY (ABC NEWS) Desiree Jennings’ Road to Recovery with Dr. Rashid A. Buttar Still Want Your Vaccine After Watching This Video Alaska Orange Goo – Don’t Worry- It’s Just Millions of Microscopic Eggs Filled with Fatty Droplets Poison Rains Infect Small Town Hiroshima black rain Dead Black Birds Fall Again in Arkansas 1/1/2012 Dr. Sewall presents on an emerging disease affecting bats Posted on 17 January, 2012 by Sewall Lab With a bat population decline we may have a mosquito population increase & if so what happens then? Why are bats dying in
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Hi, this isLarry Hobbs @ In this video clip, Joan Mathews Larson notes that in patients she has seen with depression caused by low thyroid, they have a Black Depression. She also notes that low thyroid function can cause • Headaches… • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Menieres Disease (disease of the inner ear which can affect hearing and balance) • Vertigo (may fall frequently) • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) • Loss of coordination • Dizziness • Agitated Depression • Memory Loss • Cant sleep • Bipolar Disorders… • Brain Fog… She notes this was taken from the book by DeGroot, The Thyroid and Its Diseases, 1996. Physical manifestations of low thyroid function include • Arthritis… • Muscle aches • Cold extremities • Puffy face • Weight gain • TMJ because of arthritic changes in the muscles and joints of the jaw • Chronic fatigue • Joint stiffness • High cholesterol levels Main stream medicine also notes that thyroid can be useful in cases of treatment-resistant depression, although I dont know how often this is used, because I never read about it or hear doctors talking about using it to help their patients. I will also post some audio clips from a speech by Mark Starr, MD, author of the book Type 2 Hypothyroidism. He tells a story about a woman who had taken 5 grains of thyroid per day, which is a large dose—one grain is equal to 65 mg—but when she went to a new doctor, he told her, Thats too much. You cant take 5 grains. So

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  1. PROFILESophiaYates says:

    Another Teen from the Town of LeRoy NY has come down w that illness watch?v=v3bLR8dLu9g This is perplexing but not to hard to see we have some relationship here to what we r all seeing in the skies.

  2. PROFILESophiaYates says:

    I have been lsearching for other cases of this syndrome the teens have from NY have been diagnosed w there seems to be a common denominator as far as what the Dr.s mention & that is Strep & Lymes Disease. I find this very interesting. Flu like symtoms ect.. we had a lot of ticks this yr do 2 the warm weather into the winter & a crazy summer So many kids r sick w this Why so many? And so many on ADHD medications. Why so many kids w OCD? Could it possibly come from above from the environment? AIR!

  3. PROFILESophiaYates says:

    I wanted people to see where the videos came from. Most were on the news but only 4 a short time then they moved & subject lost & forgotten. People would not have known about the 2009 mess up or deliberate accident w the vaccine. I had no idea till I listened to Sister Teresa explain it clearly. Im tired of how the news explains away certain things & leaves out the important details & Iv seen longer descriptions lol

  4. PROFILESophiaYates says:

    you got it!

  5. MrDeamon1 says:

    That’s the longest description I’ve ever seen

  6. controlfreakssuckass says:

    i cant wait to see all the media whores go to jail… the news is not news at all anymore

  7. TheRozzyRozz says:

    good compilation…

  8. larryshobbs says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your story. Doctors who are familiar with desiccated thyroid, like Mark Starr, MD (author of Hypothyroidism Type 2) and Broda Barnes, MD, PhD ((dead) author of Hypothyroidism, the Unsuspected Illness) and Jacques Hertoghe, MD (dead) and Stephen Langer, MD (author of Solved : The Riddle of Illness), prefer using desiccated thyroid rather than just T3 or T4 or a combination of T3 and T4. They found that it works best to give the whole thyroid. Larry Hobbs

  9. mutley7011 says:

    i had most of the symptoms described, including particularly insomnia, depression, tiredness, puffy face. i brought some t3 thyroid hormone and began to take 1 tablet(25mcg) then 2, 3, 4, 5 tablets. 4 tablets however is enough. i have lost 20lbs in a month with cardio and diet. i was 20st i am now a muscular 18.5st. i now get up in the morning eat regular small meals feel happy and am in a new relationship. i wish i had done this sooner. i feel great.

  10. oooDONNAooo says:

    (continued 2) The ER did discover that I was dehydrated so administered IV fluids, yet still implied I was a hypochondriac. I did not go home & read a good fiction book, I went home & researched on the internet nearly non-stop. I began taking i-Throid iodine capsules (50 mg/day) as well as a good multi-vitamin called Alive! (the 3 per day variety). Also cut out all forms of BROMIDE & Aspartame, MSG, most fluoride & chloride. I also began skin painting w/ iodine tincture. I feel better than ever!

  11. oooDONNAooo says:

    (continued 1) He was stammering, trying to retrieve the word from his mind when I said “you mean hypersensitive?” he said “Yeah, that’s the word I was looking for!”. DUHHHH!!! I told them I had been researching symptoms on the internet (I went to school to be an RN so I know much of what he does). The nurse told me I should NOT be looking things up on the internet and that I should go read a good FICTION book! Can you believe it??? Thank God I did not take his advice I would still be ill today!

  12. oooDONNAooo says:

    Another shame! I too am a victim of this type “care”. I went to the ER last winter because I was nearly falling down in the store, felt like everything was constantly spinning, headache, nausea, weakness, fatigue, heart palpitations. I was hit on the head 10 days prior but they didn’t think I had a concussion. They told me in not so many words I was a hypochondriac! The nurse used the word “hypersensitive” (he couldn’t even remember the word he was trying to say. (to be continued)

  13. oooDONNAooo says:

    What an absolute shame! Pure ignorance on the part of your doctor! No symptoms? She overlooks the obvious symptoms of anxiety & depression! How ridiculous. Ready to hand out unneeded drugs but not essentials your body needs to function properly. I’d be interested to know if she did a full blood work-up (including IODINE level) on you before making her dx. Amazing how many doctors fail to consider the possibility that patients may experience anxiety & depression due to deficiencies!

  14. larryshobbs says:

    Thank you very much for your nice comment.

    Larry Hobbs

  15. KelleyCoProductions says:

    What’s the name of the orchestral piece at the end of the video? It’s beautiful!

  16. dionstrezlecki says:

    you are awesome larry hobbs excellent vids

  17. 6613268 says:

    1 person had depression

  18. MrSolmon123 says:

    There’s a small and excellent online depression support group called Depression Hangout that is always open to anyone who is struggling with mental health problems (not just depression). It’s run in its own chaotic way by its members who meet regularly in the chat room and it’s a great place to seek and provide help and support, make new friends and even just have a laugh. (We all need that too!) To join just go to depressionhangout-dot-blogspot-dot-com.

  19. yin7yang7wolf7 says:

    I have a ball on my neck this is everything I’ve have been dealing with since my thyroid started to show .

  20. Philipshaw1010 says:

    Dear Amy, thanks for your reply. I’ve found answers for the acid/alkaline formulas issue. Enjoy this youtube with mention of a hero, Ward Dean MD. Sincerely, Philip

  21. larryshobbs says:

    I so sorry you’ve felt this way for years.

    I would contact Dr. Larson at her clinic and ask what they suggest.

    Joan Mathews Larson, PhD
    Health Recovery Center
    3255 Hennepin Av S
    Minneapolis, MN 55408 USA

    1-800-554-9155 phone toll-free
    (612) 827-7800 phone
    (612) 827-1948 fax

    Hours: 9:00 AM – 8:30 PM (CST)
    Monday thru Friday


  22. youaremydisillusion says:

    All my symptoms have matched this for a few years and I need help now.

  23. newton2013 says:

    Same here with the cramps and gain. My memory started skipping around years ago and my doc offered me Ritalin. I wanted to weep at the ignorance.

  24. codda98 says:

    hey, I have this muscle cramps or what it is called, and problems gaining weight.
    I asked my doc. about those spasms but all I got for answer was; “No there’s nothing we can do about that.”
    All they are giving people in this country if they have spasms is calming pills, I certainly do not want to take som other pills that don’t helps me with the problem.

    Is there any useful information about this, all thanks to answers. Especially from Dr.Larson.

    Regards Larsen

  25. scouseland1 says:

    My GP prescribed me propranalol for anxiety and depression but at the same time she said my TSH is 5.9 higher but within a range,Saying it is subclinical hypothiroidism, with no symptoms! so i dont need treatment for the tryroid. thanks 4 ur help

  26. zivyokeAnne says:

    thanks for sharing…

  27. djjennm says:


  28. larryshobbs says:


    Thank you to Dr. Larson.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Larry Hobbs

  29. Caty25cat says:

    great info! thank you!


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