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Firemen Greasers RedNecks Trailer Park Trash and Ghetto What’s with the Hair?

noise pollution is excessive, displeasing human, animal or machine-created environmental noise that disrupts the activity or balance of human or animal life. The word noise comes from the Latin word nauseas, meaning seasickness. The source of most outdoor noise worldwide is mainly construction and transportation systems, including motor vehicle noise, aircraft noise and rail noise.[1][2] Poor urban planning may give rise to noise pollution, since side-by-side industrial and residential buildings can result in noise pollution in the residential area. Contents [hide] 1 Effects 1.1 Human health 1.2 Wildlife health 2 Impact in the United Kingdom 3 Mitigation and control of noise 4 Legal status 5 See also 6 References 7 External links Effects Human health Noise health effects are both health and behavioral in nature.[citation needed] The unwanted sound is called noise. This unwanted sound can damage physiological and psychological health. Noise pollution can cause annoyance and aggression, hypertension, high stress levels, tinnitus, hearing loss, sleep disturbances, and other harmful effects.[3][4][5][6] Furthermore, stress and hypertension are the leading causes to health problems, whereas tinnitus can lead to forgetfulness, severe depression and at times panic attacks.[4][7] Chronic exposure to noise may cause noise-induced hearing loss. Older males exposed to significant occupational noise demonstrate significantly reduced hearing sensitivity than their non-exposed peers
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5 Responses to “Firemen Greasers RedNecks Trailer Park Trash and Ghetto What’s with the Hair?”

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