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Tinnitus REMEDY and Natural Cure

Tinnitus REMEDY and Natural Cure

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  1. metalpriest57 says:

    Hey jezz….I know what mean…….it’s constant…there all the time, I’m tellin ya I was a guitar player with stacked Marshall’s cranked to 11, it drove me nuts too, but ya know there are ways eliminate it, you can use background sounds, stress reduction techniques, and believe me all lot of those sounds are there because the brain focuses on them all the time, there are ways to trick your mind into ignoring those sounds so you don’t really notice them. This book teaches you how! No Drugs!

  2. jezz123kid says:

    I just wasted 5 mins of my life, i dont want to pay for relief, if it really works pharmacies would have it
    having tinnitus every waking moment is driving me insane, im only 15 so i have to deal with this for the rest of my life, its grim ,but im on meds ( decongestants) that are supposed to clear my sinuses but are not working, i think its caused by loud noises, possibly clay pigeon shooting, i wear ear protection but they dont work DONT GET EXPOSED 2 LOUD SOUNDS, YOU WILL REGRET IT LIKE ME !


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